The Best Ways to Beat The Heat This Summer As a British Governess

The hot summer days are here and we are feeling them and their fullest! There will be days when you simply need to battle the heat, whether you love the warm, sunny summer weather. We’ve put together a few fun indoor activities the whole family together with the governess can do to pass the time during those inescapable heatwaves. Altogether, we will present the best ways to beat the heat this summer as a British governess.

You could be stressed out about planning activities for your kids’ days as summertime draws closer and school lets out. Although you prefer to spend more time with your children throughout the summer, you maybe will not be able to do it. Your kids may have fun and stay active while they are out of school with the help of a summer nanny.

Consider what you would like your children’s summer nanny to do with them and what is off-limits. For instance, develop suitable alternatives like reading or visiting the playground if you don’t want your kids spending their spare time in front of the TV or using their devices. 

Let’s List The Best Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer As A British Governess

As previously mentioned, parents actually want to avoid keeping children in front of TVs, laptops, and similar. That is why, as a London governess you need to be especially creative in choosing the activities that will be educative, and creative, but also comfortable to take during scorching heat. 

Not all people are the same and that is why using London governess agency services will make your life a lot easier. A professional agency will match you with the governess/parents that are of similar sensibility. 

Moving back to the activities now, you can: 

  • Visit museums
  • Going to the library ( to have story sessions)
  • Have a Movie Day!
  • Have a Sprinkle Party
  • Have a Fruit Salad competition

To be honest, you can even be imaginative and think of some new activities never played by anyone else, and that is why communication among parents, children, and the governess is the key. Be creative and try to both have fun and meet everyone’s needs. 

Visit Some Interesting Museums 

Since when did you last thoroughly explore your community? We tend to forget how many free and cool adventures are available to us all the time! Of course, it is always interesting to travel and it is great when for example you can bring the governess or nanny with you and have an awesome adventuristic vacation overseas, but don’t be afraid to explore close to home. 

Visit all the family-friendly museums in your area in one day to spend time with the family and learn something new. Make sure to inquire about pass discounts for visiting various museums at the visitor center in your town. Some museums have different prices per number of children or depending on the day you choose and that is why make sure to investigate before you head to one of them. 

Google your city and “off the beaten path,” and you might come across some fresh, interesting locations to check out that are less crowded with tourists than your typical museum. Who said that you cannot have an adventure while staying in London during summer?

One Of The Best Ways To Beat The Heat As A UK Governess Is To Introduce Children With The Library Magic

Is there a better way for youngsters to stay cool during the summer than to visit the local library? In addition, it’s free! Look for kid-friendly summer activities at your neighborhood library. 

Your kids will immediately join in if you approach this 30-minute activity ( it usually lasts for 30 minutes) with excitement and good humor and they observe that you are having fun and loving the stories.

Choose novels you will love reading, and express yourself as naturally as possible. Whatever their age, enjoy this unique time with your kids! Local booksellers frequently provide children’s book sections and summer events to help keep your kids reading and utilizing their imaginations when school is out.

Have A Movie Day

The traditional ‘escape-the-heat’ habit is watching movies, and for good cause too! The theater is air-conditioned, dark, and furnished with plenty of food. If the kids don’t feel like walking or exploring this is just the right activity. Also, it is a great way to escape extremely hot days, and as we all know the adventure can begin in your mind also, and not only “live”. 

Take the entire family to the movies for a double feature. Do a movie day at home if you wish to forego the trip and part of the costs! Pop some popcorn, set up a comfortable “theater” in the living room, and settle in for a movie! 

Beat The Heat With Sprinkler Party

Must I say more? With backyard water a fun day, stay cool and have a blast. For some traditional summertime fun, set out a slip-and-slide, some water balloons, or the sprinkler.

Without having to go to a pool or lug all of your gear to the beach, this is a terrific way for the kids to exercise (and tire themselves out for an early sleep). Of course, the governess’s role is to educate kids first and foremost. However, during summer, and especially when there are heatwaves, make sure to cool off and have fun too. 

PS: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and use lots of sunscreen!   

Have A Fruit Salad Competition

Enjoy some tasty frozen snacks to beat the heat! Make sure to use a lot of fruit and it will be fun and healthy at the same time. Kids enjoy being creative in the kitchen, and it’s a terrific opportunity to spend time with them doing something you all enjoy. 

For example, you can try mixing coconut milk and pureed fruit to make healthy popsicles. Frozen berries coated in yogurt are also a great choice. However, if you are more into chocolate, you can try grapes with a dark chocolate coating.

All in all, whatever is your activity of choice, always make sure to enjoy it and make the most of it! 

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